Actions to transform food systems under climate change

Steiner A, Aguilar G, Bomba K, Bonilla JP, Campbell A, Echeverria R, Gandhi R, Hedegaard C, Holdorf D, Ishii N, Quinn K, Ruter B, Sunga I, Sukhdev P, Verghese S, Voegele J, Winters P, Campbell B, Dinesh D, Huyer S, Jarvis A, Loboguerrero Rodriguez AM, Mil
CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). See the report for the full list of authors and contributors.
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Reports and discussion papers

Like many other reports, this publication confirms that our food systems are failing us. Labelling the status quo as ‘cause for grave concern’, the report summarises action around four areas: rerouting farming and rural livelihoods to new trajectories; de-risking livelihoods, farms and value chains; reducing emissions through diets and value chains; realigning policies, finance, support to social movements and innovation. All four of these areas can only be transformed through better, transparent, and actionable public private engagement.  Figure 4 on page 11 shows the interdependent impacts of the food system on climate change and how climate change is altering the food system. By contrast, Figure 5 on page 13 models a sustainable, inclusive, healthy, and climate resilient food system. The information in this report is applicable to all public and private partnerships, engagement and actors working in the food system.

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