The State of the UK Food Industry 2022 Report

Chloe MacKean, Indu Gurung, Rebecca Tobi
The Food Foundation
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Reports and discussion papers

The Food Foundation's report assesses how the out of home and retail sectors in the UK are performing on both their sustainability and health commitments, showcasing examples of best practice and leadership, as well as identifying businesses that are consistently falling short. The report sets out what best practice looks like (in the form of setting targets, reporting on them, and having strong accountability mechanisms) before drawing on a range of research and scoring systems to assess how businesses are currently changing to encourage consumers eat more healthy and sustainable foods.

They  have focused on the retail and out of home sectors in this year’s report as they are the focus of the Plating Up Progress and Peas Please projects, but that is not to say that other sectors – notably manufacturing and wholesale – do not also wield a huge amount of control over what we eat. They too must change if we are to effectively shift UK diets towards more healthy and sustainable dietary patterns.

Some of the key findings include:


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