Latest Trends in Investing for Improved Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

Ella Robinson, Rachel Carey, Anita Foerster and Gary Sacks
Current Nutrition Reports
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Peer review

The aim of this paper is to summarise current trends and new developments with regard to institutional investor actions related to nutrition and obesity prevention.

Investor-related activity related to improving population diets is building, with several recent initiatives aiming to accelerate achievement of global nutrition goals. There is increasing civil society and investor activism focused on leveraging investor influence to improve nutrition-related food company actions. There are multiple sustainability-related reporting standards; however, few include comprehensive nutrition-related metrics.

There is increasing interest from institutional investors in addressing nutrition-related issues; however, investor activity in the area is piece-meal. There is a need for further integration of nutrition within current reporting frameworks. Methodological alignment across the increasing number of food industry accountability initiatives would likely help galvanise increased investor action. Some jurisdictions are introducing relevant mandatory reporting requirements, which are likely to play a key role in enhancing transparency by the food industry and financial institutions.

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