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July 31, 2023

Salt iodization is a positive exemplar of a sustainable public-private partnership in promoting better nutrition outcomes in many count

April 14, 2023

Ultraprocessed products (UPPs), associated with obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), are becoming predominant on the global market and a t

April 14, 2023

The need for a profound food system transformation has never been greater.

November 23, 2022

The scope of potential action in food systems is large.

November 23, 2022

Assessing positive and negative features of diets is key to understanding the causes of poor health and nutriti

October 26, 2022

Do global eating patterns lead to good or bad health outcomes?

New Global Estimates of Micronutrient Deficiencies- Hidden Hunger
October 17, 2022

A new study shows that 1 in 2 children and 2 in 3 women worldwide affected by micronutrient deficiencies. The 

June 16, 2022

In 2014, the National Ministry of Health of Indonesia requested GAIN to support the district governments of Malang and Sidoarjo in East Java Provin

Image by nguyenbaqua, Pixabay
June 15, 2022

Tackling micronutrient deficiencies in low- income/resource countries has been challenging.