ADAPT: Policy innovations to unlock climate finance for resilient food systems in Africa

Malabo Montepellier Panel (MaMo Panel)
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Reports and discussion papers

For African countries to improve their preparedness, adapt to climate change, and build resilient food systems, they will require significant investment. Indeed, recognising the imperative and urgency of the needs, several countries have already allocated significant national resources to this purpose, and adaptation to climate change has been elevated to a top policy priority by the African Union.

This Malabo Montpellier Panel report analyses the experience of systematically selected four African countries: Benin, Mali, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe to apprehend what government actions – policy and institutional innovations and programmatic interventions – have contributed to building a conducive enabling environment for leveraging international climate finance for food systems transformation. The report brings to the fore what these four African countries are doing right and explores lessons for the continent for replication and scaling up.

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