Youth engagement in food system transformation


Friday 17 September 2021  |  Orientation and kickoff session


Join the international Youth Exchange Network and meet other young people - students, entrepreneurs, activists, community organizers, researchers - from around the world who are interested and active in food systems issues. This orientation is hosted by the Innovative Food Systems Solution (IFSS) Portal and Nutrition Connect and in support of the youth led initiatives, Act4Food / Act4Change and Fridays for Future. The focus is on strengthening networks, sharing knowledge, and building skills for actions for change in food systems around the world.



Why focus on youth? 

“Leaving no one behind should be an action to be sustained, rather than a mere catchphrase.” Youth perspective in policy making is considered the top priority according to the most recent Lancet Report stressing five key recommendations for policymakers to harness the potential of 1·8 billion young people around the world. 

The IFSS portal is an ongoing open collaboration between groups working at the intersection of nutrition, sustainable agriculture, development economics, policy studies and environmental health. The IFSS portal community is listening to youth and believes that driving change will only occur if the next generation is at the decision making table.  A key priority is to use bottom-up approaches to driving change through inclusion of youth - students (Bachelors & Masters), young entrepreneurs, youth advocates, activists, policy influencers, and community organizers - as they can connect with each other across the food system.