New project: Fostering human rights in food systems

The Alliance is part of a multidisciplinary consortium recently awarded $3.8 million to launch the project “People-centered Food Systems: Fostering Human Rights-based Approaches”.

The project, “People-centered Food Systems: Fostering Human Rights-based Approaches,” aims to characterize constraints globally and within countries for peasants and other rural dwellers to claim their rights to food security, adapt to and mitigate against climate change, and preserve the agrobiodiversity fundamental to their livelihoods. 

It is part of an award that supports the first phase of a ten-year project to strengthen the capacity of governments, peasants, and other people living in rural areas to adopt and incorporate human rights frameworks such as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP) into food policy and food systems action.

Led by Dr. Fanzo, the multidisciplinary project consortium combines experts from research, IGOs and the private sector, including academics, development practitioners, ethicists, and lawyers from Johns Hopkins University, the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, and Rikolto. 

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