MIT Solve Challenge: Sustainable food systems

How can we produce and consume low-carbon, resilient, and nutritious food?

Applications are now open for the MIT Solve Challenge on sustainable food systems. They are looking for looking for "technology-based solutions for a low-carbon global food system that provides nutrition with minimal environmental impact." Especially solutions that:

  • Support small-scale producers with access to inputs, capital, and knowledge to improve yields while sustaining productivity of land and seas;

  • Scale practices and incentives for larger farmers and ranchers to decrease carbon emissions, land-use change, nutrient runoff, or water pollution;

  • Improve supply chain practices to reduce food loss, scale new business models for producer-market connections, and create low-carbon cold chains; and

  • Promote the shift towards low-impact, diverse, and nutritious diets, including low-carbon protein options.

To learn more, visit: Sustainable food systems. Deadline for applications is 18 June 2020.