It’s time to scale up regenerative agriculture: A win-win for farmers, food companies, and our environment

Regenerative agriculture could benefit stakeholders across the food system, but scaling these practices will require a joint effort from actors across sectors.

In this piece, Juliana Jaramillo, Global Lead Sustainable Agriculture for the Rainforest Alliance calls for all stakeholders to take action to mainstream regenerative agriculture. Using evidence from the largest study ever done on sustainable farming which found that enhancing biodiversity on farms does not compromise yields, here are her recommendations for scaling regenerative agriculture:

  • Food companies and retailers need to work towards more equitable power dynamics within their supply chain by investing in regenerative agriculture and rewarding farmers who embrace regenerative practices with a higher price.
  • Governments and intergovernmental organisations must rethink how to shape future policy, stimulus packages, and rural development plans so that they incentivize regenerative agriculture.
  • Consumers must be educated to make more conscious food choices which will grow demand for products produced through regenerative agriculture.
  • Financial institutions and investors stand to serve as a real catalyst for the transition by making investment decisions that bolster regenerative food systems. This includes providing long-term loans to farmers looking to transform their farms into regenerative ones.
  • Civil society has an important role to play by driving funding, research, and field programs with technical training and by linking smallholder farmers to markets.

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