Brings a curated selection of webinars & content series making beneficial FMCG affordable, accessible & aspirational for all

Join us as the Growth for Growth team brings together five years of learning and discover fresh insights and innovative tools for stronger impact in health and beyond.

Brought to you by Growth for Growth, an integrated agency network of technical assistance hubs, this content series is a curated selection of tools and resources to help overcome barriers that have impeded private companies from making beneficial FMCG products accessible and affordable to all. 

Join us as the Growth for Growth team brings together five years of learning and discover fresh insights and innovative tools for stronger impact in health and beyond.


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The lack of affordable and appealing nutritious foods limits the ability of many lower-income consumers to sustain a diverse and healthy diet. As the largest player in the food system, food and beverage companies in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have the potential to vastly improve nutrition.

From 2017-2020 the Private Sector Partnerships initiative within the Nutrition team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established a truly unique network of designers, nutritionists, consultants, scientists and marketers, called Growth for Growth. As a network of hubs, each was led by an industry leading organisation bringing their extended network to the group, thereby broadening the expertise and reach of the team.

Co-developing shared methodologies and tools, the strong connective tissue between this coordinated group at Growth For Growth, ensured that any partner benefited from the diversity of backgrounds and experience at every point of the journey. A single network engine comprising of seven unique, yet complementary, hubs were therefore able to enhance partner company capabilities, unlocking innovation across the entire value chain.

The Growth For Growth team brings to you practical solutions in answering the critical question : "How can we help the food industry accelerate their efforts against malnutrition ?

Content includes : 

Growth for Growth Project Learnings - Contributing to real business and public health outcomes :

    1. Report - Learnings from Growth for Growth's experience partnering with companies - By Mathematica

    2. Case Study - 7 Lessons from a partnership on nutrition between Mars Edge and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Designing an innovative go-to-market strategy for nutrition dense savory snacks. - By Hystra & ThinkPlace

Learnings from the field - Best practices in distributing health-related and beneficial FMCG products :

    3. Report - Women direct sales force: an impactful channel for health-related products? - By Hystra 

    4. Report - Leveraging direct sales forces for impact at the last 100m - By Hystra

    5. Case Study - Building a sustainable women sales network: A fireside chat with FanMilk Nigeria -  By Hystra

Consumption Frequency - A replicable and sustainable approach to marketing nutrition and beneficial FMCG focused on achieving high Consumption Frequency among lower-income consumers:

    6. Webinar - Debunking 4 myths on how to market nutrition - By Hystra & Ogilvy

    7. Webinar - Intro to creating Consumption Frequency - By Hystra & Ogilvy

    8. Toolkit - The comprehensive toolkit for creating Consumption Frequency - By Hystra & Ogilvy

Engaging users in the pathway to impact - Creating systemic and sustainable change through meaningful collaboration with consumers : 

    9. Report - Empathy driven consumer research - By ThinkPlace

    10. Report - Design-led testing - By ThinkPlace