Global innovation for global nutrition

These innovations being implemented around the world range from improving nutrition to addressing issues like climate change and sustainability.

This light read from Bayer highlights some of the innovative approaches to agriculture that they have launched to support farmers around the world. It's hoped that through these new technologies and initiatives that they can drive fruit and vegetable innovation around the world, and ultimately provide sustainable health and nutrition to a hungry planet.

Some of the innovations highlighted include: 

  • Advanced Precision Horticulture (APH), which combines the power of data science, plant physiology, phenotyping, optimized glasshouse climate conditions, and IoT sensor data to help growers maximize the performance of their varieties.
  • Innovative crop protection solutions for potato farmers, applied through drip technology— conserving water usage while also effectively managing pests.
  • Online training course for farmers to mitigate and prevent the spread of fungus and disease in banana crops. 
  • Digital platforms to support small-scale farmers and provide regional insights about the more than 24,000 villages.


Read the full article here: Global Innovation For Global Nutrition