GAIN seeking consultant or team to conduct a case study of the GAIN Nordic partnership and business model

GAIN seeks a consultant to undertake an analysis of the partnership model and the business approach used in the two GAIN Nordic projects: “GAIN Access to Better Dairy” in Ethiopia and “GAIN Nutrition for Zambia”.

The GAIN Nordic Partnership is a multi-sector platform which aims to facilitate scalable and inclusive business models that enhance the nutritional value of food in developing countries. The platform brings together private companies, government agencies, civil society organisations and universities to co-develop solutions and share knowledge and expertise to ensure that nutritious, safe, tasty and affordable products reach poor consumers and vulnerable groups.

The GAIN Nordic Partnership is engaging in projects with the aim to bring safe and affordable dairy products to low-income consumers in Africa. Two consortia led by GAIN and consists of Danish global SUN Business Network members as well as local SME and organisations – with financial support from Danida, the Danish development cooperation agency, for a project in Ethiopia and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO, formerly DFID) Business Innovation Facility in Zambia.

Drawing on their collective strengths, partners aim to make better use of the milk available in Ethiopia and Zambia and bring to market locally-produced, fortified milk based products, which are safe and accessible at a price that low-income consumers can afford.

GAIN seeks to understand whether this partnership model and business approach – which relies funding and expertise from public and private sector actors – has the potential to deliver on the promise as a financially viable approach to delivering safe and nutritious foods to local populations.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 5 March 2021. 

For more information and to apply, visit: Request for proposals Case study of the partnership and business model used by GAIN Nordic Partnership: Access to safe and affordable dairy