How we work

How we work

Management of Nutrition Connect and the materials contained therein are guided by: 



Nutrition Connect is curated, managed and operated by GAIN as a service to the food, nutrition and wider development and business sectors.


Editorial approach

Content for Nutrition Connect will be reviewed by GAIN staff to assess its quality and relevance according to the following criteria:

  • Materials should contribute to an improved understanding of the way in which public private engagement (PPE) can advance nutrition through markets, and via improved policies on the part of government and businesses. 
  • Content should be aimed to inform learning and action. It should be context-specific when appropriate, as evidence-based as possible, and explain any change achieved or sought. 
  • Materials should reflect all learnings from PPEs, which could include examples of both good and bad practice, and a wide variety of viewpoints and opinions. Such content must be set out in a balanced, responsible and respectful manner, with the aim of facilitating diverse voices and serious debate.
  • Materials that are intended solely or primarily for product promotion or profiling will not be considered.
  • Resources will be selected if they contribute to further understanding of PPE in one of the following four areas of PPE: Impact; Design and process; Context; Action. Additional information on the approach to assessing, selecting and labelling materials is set out in Annex A (see below).
  • GAIN reserves the right to provide commentary and contextual material to assist users in accessing and getting maximum value from Nutrition Connect.
  • GAIN and Nutrition Content Managers reserve the right to edit or remove content at any time according to their discretion and judgment, aligned with the principles laid out here. 
  • The views expressed or contained within reports, publications, tools, interviews, links or other resources on Nutrition Connect are not necessarily endorsed or shared by GAIN or its donors.


Accountability and transparency 

A review panel will be set up to conduct an independent, annual assessment of Nutrition Connect, and its findings will be posted on Nutrition Connect.

An open call will be conducted according to GAIN’s research and evaluation procurement process in the first quarter of 2020. A panel of experts from across business, academia, and implementing agencies will be selected; full details of the selection criteria will be developed and approved by the GAIN Senior Management Team (SMT).

A Request For Proposals will lay out general objectives to review substance and functionality of website. GAIN will create a Terms Of Reference to set out expert criteria and expectations for the review process. This will include a content review to assess the quality and comprehensiveness of materials, e.g. appropriateness of literature, extent to which narrative descriptions reflect PPE. Full TORs to be updated.

The panel will:

  • Review the editorial approach and selection criteria for the site and make recommendations for modifications as appropriate.
  • Audit content against the aims above and according to the criteria set out in Annex A (see below) to assess its quality, relevance and objectivity.
  • Assess the overall scope of the website will be assessed within the context of the greater nutrition, development and business community, including any relevant frameworks or conventions.
  • Review any user comments, reviews or feedback submitted to, and propose possible solutions to address any outstanding issues.
  • Produce a written assessment based on its findings in the second quarter of each year. This document will be circulated to SMT, donors and be made publicly available on Nutrition Connect.

The first review was conducted in May-June 2020. The Terms of Reference are available here; and the Summary Report is available here

Annex A

Selection criteria and categories for content 

Nutrition Connect is committed to sharing high-quality, credible and objective information with practitioners interested in exploring public private engagement (PPE) for nutrition so they can make informed decisions based on the best-available resources. All resources on Nutrition Connect should enhance understanding and action on better PPE for nutrition.

While Nutrition Connect does not necessarily endorse material on Nutrition Connect, we believe it is important to share resources that represent a diversity of viewpoints. We believe dialogue is the only way to acknowledge, address and overcome barriers that may be preventing public private engagement for nutrition. Content will be assessed with reference to GAIN’s Principles of Engagement. Though Nutrition Connect may not work with some partners, we will talk and listen to anyone who has the potential to impact malnutrition.

Table 1 (see below) sets out the categories which have been established to distinguish among types of resources available on Nutrition Connect.


Content evaluation guidelines

Content will be assessed and selected based on the following questions.

Contribution to learning

  • Is it relevant to PPE or provide context for PPE for nutrition?*
  • Does it contribute to an improved understanding of the way in which public private engagement can advance nutrition through markets, and via improved policies on the part of government and businesses?
  • Does it provide lessons learned? Including examples of good/bad practice? (This could include lessons from other sectors applicable to nutrition.)
  • Does it contain new ideas that could help further debate, dialogue or discussion?

Provenance of resource

  • Is the source reliable?*
  • Has any conflict of interest been declared?
  • Does it seek to promote a particular product or brand?
  • Does it conflict with GAIN’s Principles of Engagement?**


  • Is the writing and/or data of high quality?*
  • Does it contain controversial findings, opinions or views?
  • Does it pose any reputational risk to Nutrition Connect, GAIN or partners?**

*If no, this piece will not be considered.

**If yes, this piece requires further review by GAIN SMT.


Table 1: Content categories and labelling

Resource type
Evidence and effective models
Impact: What works?
This resource has been peer reviewed (Publications, White Papers)
This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed
Resource type
Examples of good practice
Design and process: How?
This resource has been peer reviewed
This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed
Resource type
Opinion pieces
Context: Why is this relevant?
Blogs, interviews, op-eds
Resource type
Developments, debates and news
Inform: What is happening in this space?
Descriptions of relevant events, initiatives, or debates 
Any resources that have gone through external or peer-review processes will be marked with this icon.
Any resources that present data or findings, but have not been peer-reviewed, will be marked by this icon.
Any resources that are opinion-based will be marked with this icon.
Any resources that are for information will be marked with this icon.